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Question: Who do you think is most important to you when finding a job? 1) Teachers 2) Relatives 3) Religious leaders 4) Internet adverts 5) Newspaper adverts

Polled: 82, 392   Responded: 10, 856

Relatives: 27.4%   Newspaper adverts: 21.0%   Internet adverts: 12.0%   Teachers: 11.7%

Zambia U-Report is a youth Centered program created by the Zambia National AIDS Council with the support of UNICEF


Are you a young person in need of friendly sexual reproductive health information? Are you a parent who is not sure how to give your kids ‘the talk’? Or perhaps you simply need someone to talk to about other health concerns you may have but know no anyone you can trust or open up to?

The Zambia U-Report platform is just what you need. U- provides confidential, free of charge, individualized and interactive counseling services on HIV and STIs to adolescents and youths. Of the 196,768+ U-Reporters who have voluntarily signed up by texting the word ‘JOIN’ to the short-code 878, over 70% have started conversations with the counselors on various topics such as HIV, menstruation, STIs etc.

The platform also allows U-Reporters to express themselves freely on the issues that they are experiencing in their personal lives various communities.

You can join the Zambia U-Report community NOW - by texting the word “JOIN” to 878 on all networks for FREE, to start interacting and participating in shaping a Zambia with zero new disease infections and better health knowledge.